Math: A Mental Abuse to Humans…

Math is like a zombie…

It eats half of your brain2209d338103d882351cd3fa51c478dc6

It should be known as “Mathematics Matha Khapa Leta Hai” (Mathematics just F**k your mind)

Engineers don’t use algebra ratio or any equations they just need to multiply add subtract and divide. They already have advanced software systems to solve their problems. Then what is the damn point of learning math. you are not gonna have any algebraic equations in your life so whats the point??????

Written by: 


Harris Sheikh

Harris Sheikh – 12yr student of 7th Standard, The City School of Quetta – Pakistan

This was written because I am use to go for tuition for 3 and a half hours to study math…Ugghhh


“My dear Present… I love you”

A few days before someone ask me that what is the reason of your ever go smiling face. I couldn’t find the actual reason behind that. Whether its my nature or something different???

Today I am thinking that who actually in this world is “Happy and content”??? and I scroll


Me and my son smiling…

up my mind and try to remember the situations in which I am actually…smile.

Aaaaannn… its when every morning I get up and find that there are still some extra minutes to sleep before alarm rings… or I get up in morning and find my father’s sweet text message on my cell-phone or its when I see my one-year old son sleeping besides me with his cute little mouth open…lolxx or when my dear mother-in-law sweetly yelling at me to finish my breakfast – that she made for me – before going to work… or I enjoy the cool breeze on my face like a bird – when my husband drops me to my office on his motor bike.

Its when I get a call everyday from my mother and grandmother in my office break – to make sure that I am alright…. or its when my boss acknowledges me… or its when I read day-long group messages on my whats-app in office break…or its when I got a call from my office guard that my husband come to pick me….

learn-to-live-in-the-present-momentI remember that I smile when we (my husband and me) pass through the traffic signal before seconds to be red….hahhaha… or exactly when I have a first glace of my son – crawling towards me enthusiastically….or to see him playing with his aunt (my husband’s little sister – sonia)… ot its when my mother-in-law kisses my forehead and asks me that my day passes good???

hmmmm… my lips buds up a smile when I get a call every evening from my dear grand-mother’s sister, my mentor, my love, my inspiration and the doctor who delivered me from my mother’s womb – MunaMaa.

Or when a sudden thunder storm come with a shimmering rain after a hot day….or when everyday we go for a walk at 9:00 pm and insists my husband to buy ice-creams/soft-drinks for all of us and make sure him that its last day we are insisting…hahhahaToday-is-a-present-quote

Or when I get an unexpected call from my little brother and listening him to say that he misses his nephew badly (my son) and put my son’s shirt with his pillow to feel his presence with him….or when my husband plans for a weekend picnic… or when I make evening tea for all of us….or my neighborhood aunt call us for a Sunday special dinner with her…

Its when my father-in-law call me to make sure that we are alright and ask for any kind of help…. or when all – my mother-in-law, my husband, his sister, me and my son tickling and giggling each other before sleep….or when going to sleep, my husband put me and my son in his caring feathers like a bird shelters its family…

This all put smile on my face and make me happy and content.

Don’t think that I am totally a blessed angel. Or I am living in heaven.

I also have some human problems. Like we are now living a tight-budget living with low


Tickling giggling

monthly income. We have problems like bearing hot weather without cooler or air-conditioner, living in a house with no garden or back-yard… sometime little misunderstandings between me and my husband. After tough 9 – 5 job, give full time to my son and family. Sometimes I just need a bed to be lay down after duty but I have to cook in hot kitchen for expected guests and then late night sleeping tradition…

Sometimes we have not enough money to buy gifts for our family on festivals but thats ok your family need your content-happy face…On that I realize no one buy a smile for you. You have to conquer it.

In short, I find my ever smiling secret and that is “Make friendship with your present… say it…I Love you dear Present… and that makes you happy, smiling and brighten up your future…”


Treasure-Hunters…. (little feet in dump)

Yesterday I was going for a walk  when I saw some little girls collecting garbage from a nearby road. They compete each other in how much they fill out their bags in less time. Giggling and tickling each other.

Running to snatch a treasure (some thing valuable) that one girl find and other snatch from her. Amusing each other with games such as hide & seek, kikkli, and cham-cham… I am enjoying their innocent fights and tickling.


Source: Farooq Naeem’s gettyimages (Pakistan)

Then suddenly I listen a scream… that was a little girl whose foot was injured with a broken glass in the garbage. Ahhhh…. I was feeling so bad that her foot bleed so much because you all know the glass cut bleed much…

There I go to her and ask her to come with me to my home. She was feeling shy and didn’t want to go with me. Her elder came and permit her to go with me. At home I dressed her wound and gave her a glass of juice. At that moment she kissed my hand, I don’t mend that feeling into words.

The only reaction I show is to kiss her forehead in return. She ran fast even with her injured foot. And pass a sweet naughty smile after reaching in her family. And they again start searching the treasure in the garbage.

I don’t mean to post this story that someone give me appreciation or condole her wound.

APTOPIX Pakistan Daily Life

A Pakistani scavenger girl writes on a notebook she collected from a garbage, while another girl sits next to her in Lahore, Pakistan, Wednesday, April 1, 2015. Thousands of children pick recyclable items from waste dumping points to earn living for their poor families. (AP Photo/K.M. Chaudary)

But the only reason is that if we can’t stop the child labor from our country (Pakistan) and can’t stop the heaps of garbage in one of every third street than something we do at least is:

“Before you put a broken glass or anything into garbage that you realize – put cut or injure someone, try to wrap it in a three folded paper (any old newspaper or any other scrap paper)”.

This little effort can do something for the treasure-hunters (Children collecting garbage), at least this can’t muddle their innocent tickling giggling games.

 Sometimes your little effort (that you think so small) put a large effect in others’ life….


Baluchistan Buds Bohemian…

Today I want to introduce a Fashion Wonder Girl – Shahbano Baluch.

Who was born in a small town of Baluchistan. As her land is fertile from the water of art so the buds of Design, Art, & Fashion were growing in her mind.

Art is in her soul. But she never realize her own talent until, she got married to a man who help her to mirror her ideas into a BRAND – Shebee Couture…

10865071_761331203945206_427589632_aShebee Couture is an online platform for 100% handmade stuff. in this way you can have a unique product of its own nature, no other piece of that same design is not available. Each and every piece has a unique design.

Style-Inspiration : Working on bohemian, banjara style.

Her work is a Collage of traditional wasted hand-embroidery, she re-use the product so her products are eco-friendly.

Variety of Products are under one roof – Shebee. You can find outs bags, clutches, rugs, jewelry, sandals, shirts, stoles, shoes, uppers, cushions, mats, wall-hangings, and many more.

Feeling ow-sum!!!! lets go to her fine traditional Jewelry………

Want to fly on Alladin’s Magical rug??? Lets fly with Shebee….

Shebee – A wonder bohemian effort from Baluchistan – Pakistan, to the hands of Europe, Australia and many more countries including a hollywood celebrity – Bertila Damas.

For Contact Details of Shebee:

Enjoy online shopping…. 🙂

Death Kiss… is the Last Option!

Today I am telling you a true story that my grandma – Dr. Hashmat told me about one of her experiences from her Maternity Clinic – Mach Bolan.


Dr. Hashmat

Once upon a time, a poor woman with her mother came to me from a valley far in the mountains. She was looking so happy. She told me that she was married 6 years ago but has no children. But now she was feeling that she was expecting.



I took her to my checkup room. After pregnancy test and physical checkup, I gave her the good news that she was expecting me to told her – yes she was expecting.  But she was looking too weak because her diet was dry bread with lassi (a drink made up from yogurt and water) and rarely meat was available for her. I prescribed and gave her some food-supplements and some nutritious food that was available at that time.

And asked her to come again for next checkup. Usually these tribal people come for only one time during pregnancy even some just came on the time of delivery. That’s why I asked her to come after 2 months. But she refused and admitted to come after 4 months.

Time was passing away as clouds waves out in the sky after rain. After 5 months, someone knocking my clinic’s door and I was just astonished to see a thin branch of tree loaded with a pouched-bag. Yes! she was the girl that came to me 5 months ago, now she was looking too skinny with a overloaded pouched tummy.

After her checkup, I told her that you have more than one fetus in your womb. At this she little-joy-mother-and-child-oil-painting-of-baby-original-1339119950_orghugged me with happiness. Beside that I told her to take care of herself because a healthy mother can deliver a healthy baby.

After some months, she came with her mother in her full-term condition. She was in too much pain. After some time in labor room, I delivered her first baby that was in good condition. I gave the baby to the midwife and trying to pull out the 2nd one. After delivering the second one, I noticed that the girl was still in pain of contractions and I am surprised that she delivered a third one. But the third one has severe breathing problem.

To deal with them (mother and her triplets) was quite difficult for me right now. This put a lot of pressure on me to see the girl crying in pain to see the third one turning blue.

triplet_newborn_photographer_1There I took the third one to the other bed and death kiss is the last option. I put my breath in him and also try to inhale his breath. At this moment I am turning cold that whether I could save him or not but trying hard to take him to life. His mother and grandma crying and praying for him.

After few minutes, I noticed the changing color of his body. At this, I feel like a champion who won not just a match but a championship.

His mother couldn’t resist herself to kiss my hands madly and saying that “you are an angel of God, you save me and my children – that is everything for me”.Mother & Child copy

Point to Ponder is:

Sometimes beside your knowledge, practice, studies, medical setup & equipment – we as a doctor felt totally helpless and the two things we can only do are: try our best till end and seek God’s blessings.

Dreaming of a Baby-Soft Glowing Skin !!!

In this over polluted environment where your skin has to face the challenges of dust, smoke, lead, carbon, direct sun-exposure and extreme weather temperatures.

Don’t worry here you can find the home remedies for making your skin smooth, soft and glowing…

Rice flour & Almond Oil    

Before going to Bed at night,

  • Make smooth paste of Rice Flour with Water/Rose Water
  • Paste it on your face
  • Now wait for 15 minutes
  • Now make it wet with some extra drops of Water/Rose Water
  • Make light circular movements on your face (Don’t Rub At All)
  • Now Wash with Normal Water
  • After soaking, take few drops of almond oil and massage your face in circular movements
  • Use this therapy for 15 days at least

(You can Use this on your body too during Shower – instead of using soap/body baths)

Honey & Lemon

For Natural Bleaching your Skin:

  • Take a tablespoon of pure Honey
  • Add few Drops of Lemon
  • Make a PasteHoney-And-Lemon
  • Apply on your skin (that you Want to Bleach)
  • Wash with water after 20 minutes
  • Do it for at least 30 days and find extraordinary results



Gram Flour + Lemon + Yogurt

Getting rid of pimples and oily skin:

  • mix gram flour (also known as chickpea flour and garbanzo bean flour) with Lemon and Yogurt
  • make a smooth paste
  • Apply on your skin
  • leave it for 20 minutes
  • wash it with water
  • after soaking apply few drops of Rose water on your skin


Tomatoes for Sunburn Skin

For extra sun exposure , your skin will become rough and dark,

  • freeze some round slices of tomatoes in your freezer
  • after washing your face, rub the freeze slices on your skin
  • make circular movements
  • do this for 15 minutes
  • then wash again with waterfresh-tomatoes-on-a-wooden-table

Do this for 2 weeks at least for exceptional results




Glycerin + Lemon + Rose Water + Almond Oil

In winters use this mixture before sleeping in your daily routine for baby soft and glowing skin,

  • Make a mixture of Glycerin, lemon extract, rose water and almond oil in a bottle
  • apply on your skin daily in winters for extra soft glowing skin

use it at night before sleeping


Have a happy healthy glowing skin………..


Pakistan Chapter 2 – Incredible Hunza Valley

Today lets go and explore the beauty of Incredible Hunza Valley. Known as “Fairy-land” and situated in the lap of green-rugged (in spring) and snow-capped (in winter) mountains.

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