Pakistan Chapter 1 – Beautiful Baluchistan

Pakistan is usually termed in sense of terror, attacks, extremism and a lot of other stereotype terms.

But let me take you to the bright side of Pakistan that is enough beautiful to state it as Heaven on Earth.

It has four giggling seasons, vast fairy-tale meadows, golden sands, green valleys, great rivers and sea, dreamed coasts, fairy-bathing springs of crystal clear water, natural forests and its habitats, and beauty of northern areas.

Multilingual, multi cultural society in which you can enjoy diverse cultures, traditions, festivals, music, folk stories, art & craft, and specially food. Ooo… I just love that diversity. You can diversity of everything, here.

I try my best to take you to a trip of my heaven – Pakistan. First Chapter is my birth-place, Baluchistan.

Special Facts for Baluchistan:

  • People here are so hospitable
  • Food lovers must visit Baluchistan…. mouth-watering Baluchi Saji, karot, Rosh, kaak roti are some of their best cuisines.
  • Best place for enjoying various fresh water springs.
  • Gawadar Coastal area is just an astonishing world.
  • “Attan” is their folk dance.
  • Baluchi dresses are so colorful and fabulos
  • Decorated trucks are famous worlwide

For more facts visit: didn%E2%80%99t-know-about-the-enriching-baloch-culture.398819/

I want to fly you to my favorite place, “Pari Chashma” (translation – fairies’s spring)

Photos’s Credit goes to:











Baluchistan’s Jewels of future


another pearl of my homeland


a little chipmunk…254465_227972280548694_3617282_n

Baluchistan’s legendary decorated trucks…

Hope you all like and visit my land soon…..


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