A Woman of Strength

It is a story of a little girl
who was living with her family in a small town of interior


Once a little town girl…Now a sky for us

Baluchistan – Pakistan. She loves her father so much and known as his pampered child. She was too naughty as she and her elder sister competed each other to run on hilly areas with long heel- shoes.

As she grown up to 15, she was married to her cousin. In this age she felt that her husband is now her shelter after her father. She was living happily with her husband for round about 2 months. During this she had a good news to conceive a child in her womb.

After that her husband had to go to a far town for his job. From there, they contact each other through innocent love letters. After some time her husband diagnosed as tuberculosis – patient. This was a terrible news for the whole family because he is the only son of his own family and there were no proper treatment of this disease at that time. The little girl could not understand how to react in this situation and in this age.


Little Town Girl hugs her Son (my father)

Time was passing away, the little girl delivered a little angle – baby boy. A little glimpse of hope rose for her and her husband. But now she was asked to keep away herself and her son from her husband because of his viral infectious disease. When her son grown up to 1.5 years, a bad news put countless tears in her eyes – her husband died…

This news put lot of problems on her little shoulders. Now she had to face the world without her husband and with a little baby in a society where there were various worse rituals and cultural barriers for a widow mother. She was being forced to marry again but she didn’t want to do that. She got permission from her father to study further (to earn for her son). From there,


my dear dada

her brother (Fazal Haq) took responsibility of her and her son.

Life was moving forward, now she was feeling shelter in her son. Now she made her life – a shadow of her son. She was appointed as a JV teacher in a school and earn to provide good education for her son. When her son entered in 12-standard, a small but severe incident again came in their life.

She fell again in love with a man who was living in their neighborhood, who also loved her purely. In short, she got secretly married him with her sister’s and brother-in-law’s support. She got happy for some time but then worse rituals of her family traditions again break her budding smile.

Her son was severely forced by her family to get his mother (and his step father) convinced to be divorced. She did that for her son. But she didn’t get feel her son – blamed.

She moved forward with her son. Besides too many hurdles, she provided proper education to her son. With her low earning, she managed to send her son to the best college (NCA-Lahore, Pakistan) to study (Bachelors in Fine Arts) and made his life more human…

She made a pillow for her son in which she stuffed her own hair (that fallen by time). Reason is that she want her son to sleep with her feeling of presence, even when she will die….

Now her son is living a happy and healthy life with his wife (Teacher by Profession), two children and her MOTHER (the little town girl). But still he has guilt (to get his mother divorced) in his heart.

I am – the storyteller – her granddaughter. I am living in Islamabad (Pakistan) with my husband and son – doing job in a software company. My brother (her grandson) is studying in world recognized institute (Sadiq Public School, Bahawalpur – Pakistan).

My grandmother told me this story one night before my


her family (from left: her daughter-in-law, her son, her granddaughter -me, grandson) …one day before my marriage

marriage. Reason is: I have to realize my father that he is not need to blame himself. But still I couldn’t do that. So I am writing this blog to realize him guiltless. Baba (Father)! You were not what you do, you did what you were forced to do…

What we are now – is all because of her (the little town girl). We all love you and proud to be a legend’s children…. Dear DADA (grandmother)!!!



Today’s point-to-ponder is: “everywhere on earth – mother’s love is unconditional, pure and eternal….”


4 thoughts on “A Woman of Strength

  1. “Sab ko pata
    Samjhengy ab ”
    Love u dada (my grandmother) in short u r the bestest best…
    And thanks my sister (washi Khan) for making those people understand this… By your simply but well presented words….
    I feel proud that I hv an intellectual sister like you… 😚
    Well done
    Keep it up
    I remember some sentences
    “The fog may covers the sun
    But sun never forgets to shine” Consider it my advise hope u understand and keep it in your mind… 👍🏻
    Thanks to god for giving me
    Bestest dada(my grandmother)
    Bestest baba(my father)
    Bestest ami (my mother)
    Washi Khan [(waii) ( my sister)]
    Always you ask me for comment I’m waiting for this article to give a comment dear 😚🤓

    Your sojhu

    Liked by 1 person

    • awwwwwww….. this is incredible… I wish you were here with me so that I hug you intensely my son…. this is really a special present for me….
      we want you to see at the top of the globe but at the same nature-wise down-to-earth….
      I read your comment minimum 8-10 times….and it gives me strength to write more…


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