Dreaming of a Baby-Soft Glowing Skin !!!

In this over polluted environment where your skin has to face the challenges of dust, smoke, lead, carbon, direct sun-exposure and extreme weather temperatures.

Don’t worry here you can find the home remedies for making your skin smooth, soft and glowing…

Rice flour & Almond Oil    

Before going to Bed at night,

  • Make smooth paste of Rice Flour with Water/Rose Water
  • Paste it on your face
  • Now wait for 15 minutes
  • Now make it wet with some extra drops of Water/Rose Water
  • Make light circular movements on your face (Don’t Rub At All)
  • Now Wash with Normal Water
  • After soaking, take few drops of almond oil and massage your face in circular movements
  • Use this therapy for 15 days at least

(You can Use this on your body too during Shower – instead of using soap/body baths)

Honey & Lemon

For Natural Bleaching your Skin:

  • Take a tablespoon of pure Honey
  • Add few Drops of Lemon
  • Make a PasteHoney-And-Lemon
  • Apply on your skin (that you Want to Bleach)
  • Wash with water after 20 minutes
  • Do it for at least 30 days and find extraordinary results



Gram Flour + Lemon + Yogurt

Getting rid of pimples and oily skin:

  • mix gram flour (also known as chickpea flour and garbanzo bean flour) with Lemon and Yogurt
  • make a smooth paste
  • Apply on your skin
  • leave it for 20 minutes
  • wash it with water
  • after soaking apply few drops of Rose water on your skin


Tomatoes for Sunburn Skin

For extra sun exposure , your skin will become rough and dark,

  • freeze some round slices of tomatoes in your freezer
  • after washing your face, rub the freeze slices on your skin
  • make circular movements
  • do this for 15 minutes
  • then wash again with waterfresh-tomatoes-on-a-wooden-table

Do this for 2 weeks at least for exceptional results




Glycerin + Lemon + Rose Water + Almond Oil

In winters use this mixture before sleeping in your daily routine for baby soft and glowing skin,

  • Make a mixture of Glycerin, lemon extract, rose water and almond oil in a bottle
  • apply on your skin daily in winters for extra soft glowing skin

use it at night before sleeping


Have a happy healthy glowing skin………..



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