Death Kiss… is the Last Option!

Today I am telling you a true story that my grandma – Dr. Hashmat told me about one of her experiences from her Maternity Clinic – Mach Bolan.


Dr. Hashmat

Once upon a time, a poor woman with her mother came to me from a valley far in the mountains. She was looking so happy. She told me that she was married 6 years ago but has no children. But now she was feeling that she was expecting.



I took her to my checkup room. After pregnancy test and physical checkup, I gave her the good news that she was expecting me to told her – yes she was expecting.  But she was looking too weak because her diet was dry bread with lassi (a drink made up from yogurt and water) and rarely meat was available for her. I prescribed and gave her some food-supplements and some nutritious food that was available at that time.

And asked her to come again for next checkup. Usually these tribal people come for only one time during pregnancy even some just came on the time of delivery. That’s why I asked her to come after 2 months. But she refused and admitted to come after 4 months.

Time was passing away as clouds waves out in the sky after rain. After 5 months, someone knocking my clinic’s door and I was just astonished to see a thin branch of tree loaded with a pouched-bag. Yes! she was the girl that came to me 5 months ago, now she was looking too skinny with a overloaded pouched tummy.

After her checkup, I told her that you have more than one fetus in your womb. At this she little-joy-mother-and-child-oil-painting-of-baby-original-1339119950_orghugged me with happiness. Beside that I told her to take care of herself because a healthy mother can deliver a healthy baby.

After some months, she came with her mother in her full-term condition. She was in too much pain. After some time in labor room, I delivered her first baby that was in good condition. I gave the baby to the midwife and trying to pull out the 2nd one. After delivering the second one, I noticed that the girl was still in pain of contractions and I am surprised that she delivered a third one. But the third one has severe breathing problem.

To deal with them (mother and her triplets) was quite difficult for me right now. This put a lot of pressure on me to see the girl crying in pain to see the third one turning blue.

triplet_newborn_photographer_1There I took the third one to the other bed and death kiss is the last option. I put my breath in him and also try to inhale his breath. At this moment I am turning cold that whether I could save him or not but trying hard to take him to life. His mother and grandma crying and praying for him.

After few minutes, I noticed the changing color of his body. At this, I feel like a champion who won not just a match but a championship.

His mother couldn’t resist herself to kiss my hands madly and saying that “you are an angel of God, you save me and my children – that is everything for me”.Mother & Child copy

Point to Ponder is:

Sometimes beside your knowledge, practice, studies, medical setup & equipment – we as a doctor felt totally helpless and the two things we can only do are: try our best till end and seek God’s blessings.


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