Baluchistan Buds Bohemian…

Today I want to introduce a Fashion Wonder Girl – Shahbano Baluch.

Who was born in a small town of Baluchistan. As her land is fertile from the water of art so the buds of Design, Art, & Fashion were growing in her mind.

Art is in her soul. But she never realize her own talent until, she got married to a man who help her to mirror her ideas into a BRAND – Shebee Couture…

10865071_761331203945206_427589632_aShebee Couture is an online platform for 100% handmade stuff. in this way you can have a unique product of its own nature, no other piece of that same design is not available. Each and every piece has a unique design.

Style-Inspiration : Working on bohemian, banjara style.

Her work is a Collage of traditional wasted hand-embroidery, she re-use the product so her products are eco-friendly.

Variety of Products are under one roof – Shebee. You can find outs bags, clutches, rugs, jewelry, sandals, shirts, stoles, shoes, uppers, cushions, mats, wall-hangings, and many more.

Feeling ow-sum!!!! lets go to her fine traditional Jewelry………

Want to fly on Alladin’s Magical rug??? Lets fly with Shebee….

Shebee – A wonder bohemian effort from Baluchistan – Pakistan, to the hands of Europe, Australia and many more countries including a hollywood celebrity – Bertila Damas.

For Contact Details of Shebee:

Enjoy online shopping…. 🙂


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