Math: A Mental Abuse to Humans…

Math is like a zombie…

It eats half of your brain2209d338103d882351cd3fa51c478dc6

It should be known as “Mathematics Matha Khapa Leta Hai” (Mathematics just F**k your mind)

Engineers don’t use algebra ratio or any equations they just need to multiply add subtract and divide. They already have advanced software systems to solve their problems. Then what is the damn point of learning math. you are not gonna have any algebraic equations in your life so whats the point??????

Written by: 


Harris Sheikh

Harris Sheikh – 12yr student of 7th Standard, The City School of Quetta – Pakistan

This was written because I am use to go for tuition for 3 and a half hours to study math…Ugghhh


One thought on “Math: A Mental Abuse to Humans…

  1. Math is actually ur mind’s exercise not a burdon..yes it seem bore initially when u stuck some where and/or when u didn’t get some one good to teach u…but the best thing which sharpen ur mind is MATH…

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