Treasure-Hunters…. (little feet in dump)

Yesterday I was going for a walk  when I saw some little girls collecting garbage from a nearby road. They compete each other in how much they fill out their bags in less time. Giggling and tickling each other.

Running to snatch a treasure (some thing valuable) that one girl find and other snatch from her. Amusing each other with games such as hide & seek, kikkli, and cham-cham… I am enjoying their innocent fights and tickling.


Source: Farooq Naeem’s gettyimages (Pakistan)

Then suddenly I listen a scream… that was a little girl whose foot was injured with a broken glass in the garbage. Ahhhh…. I was feeling so bad that her foot bleed so much because you all know the glass cut bleed much…

There I go to her and ask her to come with me to my home. She was feeling shy and didn’t want to go with me. Her elder came and permit her to go with me. At home I dressed her wound and gave her a glass of juice. At that moment she kissed my hand, I don’t mend that feeling into words.

The only reaction I show is to kiss her forehead in return. She ran fast even with her injured foot. And pass a sweet naughty smile after reaching in her family. And they again start searching the treasure in the garbage.

I don’t mean to post this story that someone give me appreciation or condole her wound.

APTOPIX Pakistan Daily Life

A Pakistani scavenger girl writes on a notebook she collected from a garbage, while another girl sits next to her in Lahore, Pakistan, Wednesday, April 1, 2015. Thousands of children pick recyclable items from waste dumping points to earn living for their poor families. (AP Photo/K.M. Chaudary)

But the only reason is that if we can’t stop the child labor from our country (Pakistan) and can’t stop the heaps of garbage in one of every third street than something we do at least is:

“Before you put a broken glass or anything into garbage that you realize – put cut or injure someone, try to wrap it in a three folded paper (any old newspaper or any other scrap paper)”.

This little effort can do something for the treasure-hunters (Children collecting garbage), at least this can’t muddle their innocent tickling giggling games.

 Sometimes your little effort (that you think so small) put a large effect in others’ life….