“My dear Present… I love you”

A few days before someone ask me that what is the reason of your ever go smiling face. I couldn’t find the actual reason behind that. Whether its my nature or something different???

Today I am thinking that who actually in this world is “Happy and content”??? and I scroll


Me and my son smiling…

up my mind and try to remember the situations in which I am actually…smile.

Aaaaannn… its when every morning I get up and find that there are still some extra minutes to sleep before alarm rings… or I get up in morning and find my father’s sweet text message on my cell-phone or its when I see my one-year old son sleeping besides me with his cute little mouth open…lolxx or when my dear mother-in-law sweetly yelling at me to finish my breakfast – that she made for me – before going to work… or I enjoy the cool breeze on my face like a bird – when my husband drops me to my office on his motor bike.

Its when I get a call everyday from my mother and grandmother in my office break – to make sure that I am alright…. or its when my boss acknowledges me… or its when I read day-long group messages on my whats-app in office break…or its when I got a call from my office guard that my husband come to pick me….

learn-to-live-in-the-present-momentI remember that I smile when we (my husband and me) pass through the traffic signal before seconds to be red….hahhaha… or exactly when I have a first glace of my son – crawling towards me enthusiastically….or to see him playing with his aunt (my husband’s little sister – sonia)… ot its when my mother-in-law kisses my forehead and asks me that my day passes good???

hmmmm… my lips buds up a smile when I get a call every evening from my dear grand-mother’s sister, my mentor, my love, my inspiration and the doctor who delivered me from my mother’s womb – MunaMaa.

Or when a sudden thunder storm come with a shimmering rain after a hot day….or when everyday we go for a walk at 9:00 pm and insists my husband to buy ice-creams/soft-drinks for all of us and make sure him that its last day we are insisting…hahhahaToday-is-a-present-quote

Or when I get an unexpected call from my little brother and listening him to say that he misses his nephew badly (my son) and put my son’s shirt with his pillow to feel his presence with him….or when my husband plans for a weekend picnic… or when I make evening tea for all of us….or my neighborhood aunt call us for a Sunday special dinner with her…

Its when my father-in-law call me to make sure that we are alright and ask for any kind of help…. or when all – my mother-in-law, my husband, his sister, me and my son tickling and giggling each other before sleep….or when going to sleep, my husband put me and my son in his caring feathers like a bird shelters its family…

This all put smile on my face and make me happy and content.

Don’t think that I am totally a blessed angel. Or I am living in heaven.

I also have some human problems. Like we are now living a tight-budget living with low


Tickling giggling

monthly income. We have problems like bearing hot weather without cooler or air-conditioner, living in a house with no garden or back-yard… sometime little misunderstandings between me and my husband. After tough 9 – 5 job, give full time to my son and family. Sometimes I just need a bed to be lay down after duty but I have to cook in hot kitchen for expected guests and then late night sleeping tradition…

Sometimes we have not enough money to buy gifts for our family on festivals but thats ok your family need your content-happy face…On that I realize no one buy a smile for you. You have to conquer it.

In short, I find my ever smiling secret and that is “Make friendship with your present… say it…I Love you dear Present… and that makes you happy, smiling and brighten up your future…”