A Woman of Pride – Her motto “Live, to Give”

Today I was sitting alone with a cup of tea and searching the people who work for humanity. There I thought that many people are devoting their lives in various corners of the world but the difference is to “portray them”. Some get more acknowledgements than others and some just do their work silently as people fail to explore and acknowledge them. These people devoted their lives to work for humanity.


Dr. Hashmat Baloch(love-humanity)

First, I want to introduce the personality that no one knows but everyone should know: Dr. Hashmat Baloch. She is a Gynecologist from a poor marginalized town, Mach Bolan – Baluchistan Pakistan.

She was born in a society where girl’s education is hindered and limited in many ways. But her father yet managed and gave her permission to continue her studies (after middle) in a Boy’s School because in those days Girl’s schools are limited to 8th standard only.

After that she got admission in a medical school that is in Sandeman Civil Hospital, Quetta Baluchistan. There she complete her medical studies. After that she started practicing in


ever-green smiling soul

her own town.

Many people advised her to stay in Quetta for handsome salaried job but she choose to work for her own town’s people. There she was dealt with various female patients that are from disadvantaged and marginalized families from the hilly areas of Baluchistan. Beside their treatment, she was use to provide them basic medicines, food, and basic understanding of how to keep themselves and their families healthy and safe.


nature-lover personality

These ladies were totally illiterate – even once a day, one of them saw herself in a mirror that is in her clinic lobby and asked her reflection “where is Doctor Hashmat?” They come from high hilly areas, where traveling is almost impossible.

She learned almost 8 different local languages because she believes that talking with patients in their mother languages – is itself a curing emotional technique. She devote her life in serving the humans.


her family…

She had a small clinic with enough medical stuff for female patients. She take fees from the patients to the extent that is used for clinic billing and maintenance. Otherwise she was not treating them for her own earning.


with her loving husband

She was married to a man who strengthen her more. Some one truly said that “A Strong man can only handle a strong woman, a weak man will say she has an Attitude”.

She lived with her husband in his town, an interior tribal area of Sindh – Pakistan. That area is usually conceptualized as an area where women have no rights.  Different worse rituals are there like Karo-Kari, married to Quran, child marriage and many more. But she lived there with same motto, educate her own family-in-law and then spread her knowledge to her surrounding with her countless efforts.

She not only help and support others but I remember (in my hostel days) she used to send mobile (cell-phone) balance to all those students in our family who are living far in hostels. Still she silently help and support the family member who needs any financial or emotional support, it can be just a hug (jadoo ki jhhapii) or a forehead kiss…

Even you can say she is a fresh water spring, everyone and anyone can quench his/her thirst (fulfill their need) to the extent, they need. And she is deep down sea that hide


shallow like water-spring, deep like a sea…

the secrets of not people but a generation.

Now she is living with her daughter, her son-in-law (who loves her more than her own daughter) and two grandsons in Quetta, Baluchistan. There she was still treating and advising her patients.

She used to tell me numerous stories regarding delivering babies and treating their mothers that if I put them in words, I have to give my next 1 – 2 years. In short I want people to acknowledge her, her devoted life and her humanity.

Today’s point-to-ponder is: “Instead of blaming each other, go and explore various things, places, people and ideas that are waiting for us to be portrayed.”


8 thoughts on “A Woman of Pride – Her motto “Live, to Give”

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